We are heating sustainable..

We obtain the wood for our woodchip heating system from our forest.
Because of stingent laws thereis only a certain amount of trees we can cut every year and we need to support the natural reforestation.
It´s controlled by the South Tyrolean Forest Commission.
With these laws South Tyrol wants to control the CO² emissions.

Hot water from the sun...

Our photovoltaic system on the stable roof is heating our pool.

Bioland certified

In 2018 we have decided to change over to Bioland.
Since then our cows can go out to pasture everyday.
You can taste it in our fresh organic haymilk.


We provide our house with "Granderwater".
The Grander Water Revitalization is based on the understanding of information transfer with all the benefitsfor humans and animals.
It transforms our water to a very high biological valuable quality.
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