Ramoser Family

Three generations live on our farm:

  • Grandma Rosalinde, Grandpa Jakob
  • Roland with Claudia, and
  • Tino, Nadin, Lilly and Marie

While Roland and Claudia take care of the guests' well-being, Grandpa Jakob lovingly and devotedly provides healthy produce from happy animals. Grandma Rosalinde's pride and joy is her fruit and herb garden. The delicious jam you receive from us was lovingly prepared by her, as is the farmhouse bread you can order for breakfast along with fresh eggs, milk and yoghurt.

Immerse yourself in our holiday paradise and treat yourself to some time out while your children explore the farm on the back of our ponies. Nadin and Lilly are already looking forward to seeing you.

Homemade products

For our guests

We offer our guests the following farm products:
Fresh milk directly from our cows, fresh eggs from our happy chicken, homemade southtyrolian bread and homemade natural yoghurt.

Farm product corner

You can find Granny Rosalindes delicious homemade jams, pickles, syrups, herb salt with herbs from our garden, apple juice and fresh apples (seasonal) and also honey from the busy bees of our uncle Karl in our farm product corner.


In our herbgarden grows rosemary, thyme, sage, peppermint, oregano,chives, basil and majoran.
If you cook by yourself, you can collect the herbs from our garden.

Barefoot Path at Hoferbauer

Our new barefoot path at Hoferbauer's offers a pleasant experience for everyone. Take off your shoes and socks and touch different materials such as wood, stone and moss with your bare feet. Get to know yourself and nature better and enjoy some time for yourself.


... the athletes will be satisfied as well:

After a long day on the ski slopes, in the swimming pool or after a hike to the famous earth pyramids, do you feel like doing some stretching? Hang from the bars, lift weights and go for a bike ride.

We also rent mountain bikes, organise climbing and ski touring guides and explain where you can walk in Freud's footsteps.

For hockey fans, Roly has a lot of experience and passion for this sport, which he will be happy to share with you. That is why he appreciates our well-equipped fitness room even more and is happy to put it at your disposal.